FPCA Members Area
Class of 2016: John Belz, Sandy Mori, Joshua Musih, Joseph P. Hickey
Class of 2017: Jabeen Ghulam, Ruth Sutton
Class of 2018; Sandra Berganza

Class of 2016:  Nancy DeVera,  Joyce Simmons
Class of 2017:  John Fennig, Alice Mohan Lal
Class of 2018:  Dana Jackson, Genny Looker

Clerk of Session:
Marta Strada

Betty Youmans

Nominating Committee:
Ruth Sutton
What does it mean to be a “MEMBER” of the First Presbyterian Church of Annandale (FPCA)?

Members of the First Presbyterian Church of Annandale (FPCA) are Christians who…
•  Openly and honestly confess that Jesus Christ is our personal Lord and Savior.
•  Joyfully share the Good News of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from death and His promise of eternal life
to all who believe in Him.
•  Love others with Christ’s selfless love and do not expect anything in return for that love.
•  Demonstrate our Christian love for others by listening intently to what they say, treating  them with
respect and compassion, and speaking honestly to others in love.
•  Joyfully accept and welcome others to join us as we strive to be more loving and genuine   witnesses for
Jesus Christ.
•  Make every effort to support the church with our time, talents, and treasures.
•  Support and participate in the orderly Presbyterian form of government.
•  Do not participate in discussions or activities that could be divisive or may create factions  and/or cliques
within Christ’s Church.
•  Admit when we are wrong and seek forgiveness from others, relying on the reconciliation teachings of
Jesus Christ found in Matthew 18: 15-17 whenever conflict arises.
•   Recognize that regular worship attendance and participation in other church activities and ministries will
deepen our personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
•  Study the Word of God, prayerfully relying on the Holy Spirit to reveal to us its true meaning and purpose
for our lives and for the welfare of the Church.
•  Seek to learn more about and adopt more Christ-like behaviors and disciplines that will strengthen our
Christian faith.
•  Demonstrate our Christian faith through works of righteousness, generosity, love, and charity.
•  Recognize that our bodies are precious temples of God which should be used for the glorification of God,
rather than the kind of sinful behavior that leads us and others away from our personal relationship with our
Lord Jesus Christ.
•  Seek to place the needs and interests of others above our own self-interests.
•   Do all these things to equip ourselves to be better disciples of Christ.